İstanbul & Ephesus 6 Nights 7 Days

Day 1- İstanbul

Arrival in İstanbul. After meeting your private tour guide and driver, you will be transfered to your hotel.


Day 2- İstanbul

After having breakfast, our first destination is going to be Spice bazar second biggest coverd bazaar in İstanbul after Grand bazaar. Spice Bazaar is also called ‘Egyptian Bazaar’ because it was built with the revenues from the Otoman state of Egypt in 1660. Then we will  embark on a scenic tour of the Bosphorus, the naturel waterway that divides Asia Continent from Europe Continent. After having lunch we will head for Dolmabahçe Palace  which served as the main administrative center of the Otoman Empire(1856 to1922), with 365 rooms and 22 saloon. Following this our last stop will be Çamlıca Hill which is very famous with its panoramic view of İstanbul and Bosphorus.

End of the day, drive back to your hotel. diner and overnight in İstanbul.


Day 3- İstanbul


The first destination of us will be Byzantine Hippodrome. The hippodrome was built in Roman period (203A.D.)  by the order of Emperor Septimius Severus, and started to be used as an arena for charriot races and other entertainment.  İn 324 after the arrival of Emperor Constantine the Great,  the Hippodrome got his final shape. Following this we will head to The Blue Mosque which took its name from its blue tiles surrounding the walls of interior design , was built between 1609-1616 during the rule of  Ahmet l. . Although The Blue Mosque has tourist attraction, it’s also an active mosque. Afterward  we will visit  Hagia Sophia Museum which was chosen A world heritage site by UNESCOİn 1985. Hagia Sophia was built by the order of Emperor Justinian in 537, following 900 years Hagia Sophia had been the centre of Orthodox Christianity. After İstanbul conquered by Ottoman Empire, it had been used as the grand mosque of the sultans. Finally in 1935 Hagia Sophia was converted into a museum of Turkish Republic by the ordes of Ataturk. After having lunch  we will explore Topkapı Palace which is a museum tooday with its unrivalled collections of jewelry, including the Spoonmaker's Diamond; the 3 rd largest in the world, Ottoman Court Costumes and ceramics.İnterestingly, some of the ceramics have a special glaze that was said to change color in the presence of poison. We will also visit the Ipmerial Armony with centenary Ottoman weaponry.  As an final destination you will pay a visit to Grand Bazaar( Kapalı Çarşı in Turkish) is the largest covered market in Turkey it has 4000 shops, among them ; Turkish Carpet Shops, Leather Shops, Souvenier Shops, Jewelry Shops plus Restaurants that allow you have lunch in the midst of your shopping..

End of the day, drive back to your hotel. diner and overnight in İstanbul.



Day 4-  İstanbul, Ephesus ,İzmir

In our 4 th day after having breakfast  first of all  we will visit Ephesus  which is very well protected  an ancient city. The library, Temple of Hadrian, Agora, Odeon, The Grand Theatre… following this we will visit the House of Mother Mary where is thought that she spent her last years. Afterward our next stop will be the Church  of St. John   then  the Museum of Ephesus and finally we will visit the temple of Artemis which is recognised one of the  Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. End of the day diner and overnight in İzmir.


Day 5- İzmir, Pergamon, İstanbul


After having breakfast  we will head for Ancient Pergamon which is cited in the Book of Revelation as one of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor. İt is 2.5 hours ride from Kuşadası. As we get in Pergamon first stop of us will be Asclepium ; the biggest hospital of the Ancient World and the Sanctuary of Asclepius, the God of Healing. After your tour guide tell you the signifigance of the site you will visit The Acropolis of Ancient Pergamon with its remnant date back to Hellenistic and Roman period
The function of Acropolis in Pergamon was newer the same as the function of the acropolis in Athens. İn Athens, everything was focused on religion, where as in Pergamon it was on social and culturel activities. The buildings had large areas for the public where they could walk, meet and join in social affairs. Following this we will visit The Temple of Serapis which is known today as the 'Red Basillica'. Red Basillica was one of the Seven Churches to which the book of revelation was adressed. End of the tour transfer to İzmir Airport for İstanbul flight.

Diner and overnight in İstanbul.


Day 6- İstanbul

Free at leisure, overnight in İstanbul.


Day 7- İstanbul

Tarnsfer to İstanbul Airport for flight back

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